Alpine Pluralism Award 2018: what are your innovative services and practices for the integration of migrants?

The Alpine Pluralism Award 2018, organised under the Interreg Project PlurAlps – Enhancing capacities for a pluralistic Alpine Space, will be organised in Turin, in May 2018. Its goal is to make visible new and ongoing activities that support and develop a welcoming culture for the integration of migrants in Alpine municipalities.  The event aims at increasing public awareness on this topic and providing inspiration for others to replicate these practices. According to the PlurAlps project, Mountainous Alpine municipalities are specifically concerned by the new migration models, thus, they need technical support and new approaches to develop a welcoming culture and to increase the territorial attractiveness and social cohesion of Alpine areas through innovative services and practices for the integration of migrants in Alpine municipalities.

The Alpine Pluralism Award is opened to all private individuals, businesses, public authorities, NGOs and all other organisations located in the area of the Alpine Space Programme whose project or initiative develop one of the following measures :

  1. Measures for managing social change brought by migration with mutual benefits for mi­grants and local host societies
  2. Measures for the integration of migrants into the local / regional labour market and for fostering entrepreneurship of migrants
  3. Measures for building upon skills of migrants in order to improve land use, nature pro­tection
  4. Measures that support the school/work transition of migrants and measures that pro­mote the inclusion of migrants into the dual educational path.

The best measures/projects/initiatives in each of the above categories will be presented in the Award Ceremony in Turin and will be promoted and disseminated to a larger au­dience covering the Alpine Space via different channels.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday 18 December 2017

  • All measures and proposals submitted within the deadline will be presented on the PlurAlps website
  • One of your project or initiative must focus on the strengthening of welcoming culture and integrating migrants into society and the labour market.


14 November 2017