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Consultation for the Alpine Strategy is open – contributions are welcome

A Public consultation is open from 16th July to 15th October to collect stakeholders’ feedback on the new EU strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP).

This programme concerns: five EU Member States (Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Slovenia) and two non-Member States (Lichtenstein and Switzerland) representing 48 regions and 70 million persons.

The main challenge of the strategy should be to tackle the economic, social and territorial imbalances existing in the Alpine Region. The main opportunities should be, in stimulating an innovative and sustainable model of development, able to conciliate the promotion of growth and jobs, and the preservation and enjoyment of natural and cultural assets in the area.

Euromontana will participate to this consultation. If you have any opinion to share, please contact directly Euromontana secretariat or our Board member Thomas Egger, who will coordinate the response.

So don’t hesitate, participate to the consultation and share your views!

For more information:

Scoping Paper for the public consultation on the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

Online questionnaire for the public consultation on the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region.

To submit your questionnaire, please see more info here

16 July 2014

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Here we go! Kick-off meeting with all partners on 4-5 October in #Frankfurt #Germany to launch the new #RUSTIK project.
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TODAY is the official launch of the #EUCAPNetwork 🚀

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🔔 Call for a PhD POSITION OPEN! PhD program: “Intersectoral Innovation” - @lastatale - #UNIMONT. Deadline for application: October 7th 👉 Find out more: https://t.co/ixEuF1iHOv

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