Séminaire ARTE- Les dernières avancées des technologies viticoles

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Date(s) - 19 Jun 2014
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Séminaire ARTE- Les dernières avancées des technologies viticoles

ADVID, the Association for the Development of the Douro Viticulture is organizing a seminar on the latest advances in wine technology. The seminar will take place the 19th of June in the premises of the AEVP, the Association of Porto Wine Companies in Porto, Portugal. The cost per participant is 200€ for their members and 300€ for non-members.

The participants of the seminar will have the opportunity to learn about the latest results on the impact of filtration and the effects of the transport conditions of bottled wine upon its quality and the current New Perspectives of Precision Enology will also be addressed.

A better understanding of the entire process from grape to the consumer, as a result of the various activities and studies that have been made, is an increasingly important tool at the service of all technical staff. Every year, as a result of research activities, several articles related to oenology are published. Many of them corroborate several practices already implemented and many other introduce novelties and new technologies to the traditional process.

It is with this purpose that ARTE arises, in order to promote some of the work done and to make an analysis on the progress regarding the most Recent Advances in Wine Technology, trying not to forget “where do we want to go next”.

For more information on the registration and the program you can check the flyer of the event here.