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Internship opportunity – Pastoralism – March 2019

Euromontana is recruiting an intern to work on pastoralism, starting in March 2019.


Position: Intern Study Officer

You will be under the responsibility of the Project Officer of Euromontana and your responsibilities will include:

  • European study on the sustainable management of grasslands

Pastoralism is a traditional and extensive livestock farming activity, practiced in mountainous areas in particular. This form of breeding enables the development of territories with low agronomic value, difficult to access or non-mechanisable, and thus to maintain an economic activity in these areas. However, the continuation of pastoral activity is currently threatened by several challenges: difficulties linked to the economic context, difficulties in organising grazing herds in the context of seasonal use of the territory, difficulties linked to climate change, difficulties linked to the pressure exerted by other users of pasture land, etc.

Oreka Mendian” is a LIFE project running which aims to develop a strategy for the conservation and the management of mountain pastures located in Natura 2000 areas in the Basque Country. This project implements preservation measures in 23 Natura 2000 sites in both the Spanish and French Basque Country. Euromontana is a partner of this project.

The role of Euromontana in this project is to conduct a study on the sustainable management of pasturelands throughout Europe (including non-EU countries), taking into account the different dimensions of this thematic such as climate change adaptation, ecosystem services, mountain quality food products, cultural landscapes, current policies at local/regional/national/EU levels, rural development and attractivity of pastoral jobs, tourism, etc.

This study will constitute the main task of this internship (literature review, analysing data, collecting good practices, structuring and writing the study, conducting interviews if necessary, etc.).

Candidates need to be aware that the study will both relate to pastoralism as an agricultural system and to the policy aspects (Common Agricultural Policy measures especially, and reforms to come post-2020).

  • Other tasks

– Support to the team in preparing the Board meetings, helping with logistics when events are organised, participating in the animation of the website and social media, helping out with administrative tasks, etc.
– Participation to EU conferences on subjects linked to your study

To find out more about the profile we are looking for, the internship conditions and the recruitment process, click here


14 December 2018

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Today is #EarthDay2019 🌍 Mountains are Europe's ecological backbone, according to the European Environmental Agency! Check how we intend to preserve our Earth by:
-fighting climate change 🌱https://www.euromontana.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Declaration_Braganca-FINAL_EN.pdf
-preserving mountains' biodiversity 🌺http://www.lifeorekamendian.eu/en/
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Nouveau site internet pour notre membre FR l'Association Porc Montagne qui promeut la filière porcine de montagne, grâce à laquelle "le goût prend de la hauteur"
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Lire notre interview de mars avec l'APM ➡️https://t.co/ia4YrBh7QT

Today is #EarthDay2019! 🌍 Mountains are Europe's ecological backbone according to @EUEnvironment! Check out how Euromontana intends to preserve our Earth by:
-fighting climate change 🌿https://t.co/wY2khpcCe4
-preserving biodiversity in mountain areas 🌼 https://t.co/xyTLnsthTB

Challenging workshop organised next week by the #ADAPTUR project to bring solutions for mountain tourism adaptation to climate change! https://t.co/kD2AWphX2i
The @opcc_ctp will bring knowledge from its last report on #ClimateChange in the Pyrenees 👉 https://t.co/2cO1AorUe9

We were last week at @ENRD_CP #RuralNetworking, attending thematic sessions to strengthen connexions between stakeholders, presenting our @simra_eu project & sharing our knowledge on mountain products! Check out what we took out of this inspiring event 👉 https://t.co/ElAqvUcr5s

Last week networX welcomed more than 4⃣0⃣0⃣ rural enthusiasts 💚
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