Launch of the Oreka Mendian website!

The LIFE project Oreka Mendian (2016-2021) aims to develop a common strategy for the conservation and the management of mountain pasture environments located in Natura 2000 areas in the Basque Country. A member of Euromontana, the HAZI foundation, is directly involved in the project as coordinator, alongside Euromontana. Euromontana is responsible for dealing with European level dissemination and exchange of information.

This project will implement preservation measures based on monitoring, evaluation and participation in 15 Natura 2000 sites in the region of Euskadi (Spain), as well as in 8 Special Preservation Zones in the region of Iparralde (France). Indeed, mountain pastures being both very rich ecosystems in terms of biodiversity but simultaneously highly endangered ecosystems in Europe, should be managed in order to guarantee their preservation and the maintenance of the habitats and species that coexist within them.


Our brand-new website is now available here:

Come and find out more about the project’s objectives, the partners and the key actions we will be carrying out during the next 4 years by clicking on this link! The website is available in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Basque).



11 January 2018