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MOG Study visit: Hungarian experts visited Mielec (Poland) on 5th December 2013

On 5th December 2013, Podkarpackie region (P12) hosted West Pannon (P10) in Mielec (Poland). The Hungarian “transfer team” was composed of 2 representatives of WEST PANNON Nonprofit LTD and 2 representatives of GYSEV (the company engaged in passenger and goods transport, railway track network, tractions in Hungary).The Hungarian “transfer team” was interested in the practice “Coordinated mobility in Mielec and surrounding areas” (for more information, please have a look on the Good Practice 8.5 of the MOG GP guide).
This good practice was implemented in Poland by Miejska Komunikacja Samochodowa LTD in Mielec (the local entity responsible for local bus transport service) in cooperation with “R&G PLUS” LTD in Mielec (the company which creates and offers the complex transport system solutions).

Content of the study visit
The bilateral meeting lasted one busy day. Representatives of Podkarpackie and representatives of Hungarian “transfer team” were hosted by MKS LTD “R&G PLUS” LTD. During the bilateral meeting they presented:
• passenger information;
• visual information system;
• ticket validation system;
• on-board computer system;
• systems of gathering data related to passenger stream and vehicle use;
• system for transport traffic supervision and control.
The visiting partner has the opportunity to:
• watch the production line of elements passenger information system in R&G PLUS LTD;
• have a precise overview of the Good Practice “Coordinated mobility in Mielec and surrounding areas” and gather all necessary information about the idea and its implementation;
• check in real how the system runs;
• collect information about management and coordination of the local bus transport service in Mielec.

Transferability of the Good Practice
From the good practice in Mielec, the following elements could be partly transferable in the Hungarian transport system:
– Electronic ticketing:
Electronic ticketing development is in process in Hungary, but electronic ticket issuance has to be encouraged and accepted by passengers. Electronic travel card, as used in Mielec, can make regular travelling easier. Ticket vending machines are necessary on train, cars or at stations without ticket sales person.
One of the main obstacles of this implementation will be the cost of installing new ticket vending machines.

Passenger information system: recorded stop announcement would be useful for each passenger; and counting number of passengers can help the planning of transport.
Facilities: above mentioned facilities could be implemented quite easily in Hungary bearing in mind that train network and bus network have different backgrounds.

10 January 2014

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