A new Smart Villages portal has been launched

The ENRD Contact Point recently launched an online portal collecting projects, initiatives, and networks from across Europe exploring new and varied ways of revitalising rural services through digital and social innovation.

The portal contains information collected by the ENRD Thematic Group on ‘Smart Villages’, in which Euromontana is involved, and will be continuously expanded to showcase the abundance of inspiring activities at the European, national and local levels. It provides links to the many networks and initiatives across Europe that are exploring new ways of revitalising rural services through social and digital innovation in areas such as health, social services, education, energy, mobility, and others. The SIMRA project (Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas) is referenced in the Smart Villages portal. (You can also directly access the SIMRA database here).

The content of the portal will be updated with additional information collected and developed by the Thematic Group. Accordingly, if you are aware of any information which you consider relevant to be included in the Smart Villages portal please share it by e-mail at smart-villages@enrd.eu

8 January 2018