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Pyrénées Création: restoring the nobility of wool

The revalorisation of a traditional sector
Pyrénées  Création  is  a  small  company  from  the  French  Pyrenees  that  has succeeded,  with  modern  design  and  innovative  creations  (slippers, bags,  plaids and  rugs)  to  bring  the  wool  of  Pyrenean  sheep back  into  fashion.  In  order  to revitalise the industry that has existed in the Occitanie region since 1882, Pyrénées Création works with farmers to better understand the cycle and quality of shearing and to select the beautiful wools that can be used for its production. The washing, spinning and weaving of the wool are done in partnership with local companies as close as possible to the territory.

Quality comes first
The brand Pyrénées Création is part of a qualitative approach, at several levels by selecting its wool from a dozen breeders who respect the wool tradition and by participating directly in wool shearing workshops. The processing of fleeces by the South-Western textile industry is carried out by a dozen service companies, including Passe Trame, a privileged partner for weaving.
The marketing is mainly done by direct sale through the website, through artisan shops and event markets.
This  ethical  trade  approach  also  benefits  from  the  “Esprit  Parc National”  brand,  which  recognises commitment, authenticity and respect for nature, while ensuring the preservation and promotion of an exceptional territory.
Active  within  the  association  ATELIER  Laine  d’Europe,  Pyrénées  Création  respects  its  charter  of  values (traceability and ecology).

The transmission of an ancient and authentic product
Well-known by  everyone, wool  needs  to  be  rediscovered  to  be  appreciated for its right value. Thus, Pyrénées Création revives the rich history of wool by presenting the different stages of its transformation, from fleece to finished product, to the general public at agricultural fairs, to children from 2 to 12 years old, and in the training of high school students.
One example is the inter-school project with the creation and production of felt slippers from local wool. The transformation was entirely done by the students of the agricultural section of the Saint Gaudens high school and the design was then carried out by the students of métiers d’art de Coarraze high school with very original creations. This action has introduced a hundred high school students  to  new forms  of production  and creation.



Innovative aspect

Pyrénées  Création  has  succeeded  in exploiting the  authenticity  and  quality  of  a  forgotten  traditional product  to  make  it  a  more  modern  and  attractive  product,  which  helps  to  enhance  the  value  of  the sector.  The  strong  emphasis  placed  on  the  transmission  of  knowledge,  including  to  the  younger generations, makes it possible to recreate a favourable ecosystem to revitalize wool.


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22 January 2019

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