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Silver SMEs: call for good practices


SILVER SMEs is an Interreg Europe project which aims to support SME-related regional policies in rural and mountainous areas to develop products and services of benefit for the senior population. Euromontana and three of its members, including the project leader, the Provincial Government of Teruel, are among the 9 partners of this newly launched project.

Interreg Europe is a capacity-building programme dedicated to the exchange and transfer of good practices in order to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies.

Euromontana is currently collecting good practices. In particular, we are looking at SMEs developing products and services responding to the needs in terms of housing, health & well-being, and ICT of these 3 different senior target groups: active / vulnerable / dependent.

  • The online questionnaire to submit a good practice is available here. You will be asked specific questions on the transferability and innovation aspects of your good practice, and to provide tangible (measurable) results if you have any, as these are important criteria for Interreg Europe.
  • The estimated time to answer this questionnaire is 15min.
  • The deadline to submit a good practice is Friday 14 December, 2018.

You can also contact Euromontana’s Secretariat directly to discuss your good practice.

21 November 2018

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