Welcome to our new member: the Western Norway Research Institute

The Western Norway Research Institute has just joined Euromontana !

Western Norway Research Institute (WNRI) is an assignment-based research institute located in Sogndal in Sogn and Fjordane County on the west coast of Norway. Established in 1985, the institute conducts research within three key areas: climate change and environmental issues, tourism, and technology and society. Western Norway Research Institute currently employs 30 and has an annual turnover of approximately NOK 27 million.


The institute’s main strategic goal is to be a regionally anchored research institute on the national and international research arena, delivering knowledge-based solutions to current societal challenges, whilst contributing to innovation and sustainable development.

Broadband development in rural parts of the mountainous Sogn og Fjordane County has been a long-standing research theme at the institute, and WNRI has engaged in a regional partnership working to increase the pace of broadband installation, enhancing the settlement attractivity of remote and sparsely populated areas.

WNRI has taken a keen interest in adventure tourism. The institute’s research themes in this realm include the value of nature-based activities as a settlement motive, user experiences in adventure tourism, management systems for outdoor activities, and sustainable outdoor activities.

The phenomenon of mass tourism to scenic mountain destinations such as Trolltunga and Preikestolen in Western Norway has become the focus of a planned research project. The most pressing question in these areas, where tens of thousands hike and where rescue operations are frequent, is how to safeguard visitors to the hiking destinations within the framework of existing legislation.

Other examples of research relating to sustainable development in mountain areas include sustainable second home planning and development as well as sustainable transport in rural areas. WNRI has led several research projects on policy and management issues in mountain regions, generating knowledge about land use management, climate adaptation, welfare-technology, e-health, digitalisation and sustainable development.

Euromontana is looking forward to collaborate and to future collaboration with the WNRI.

30 August 2017