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Euromontana recrute un(e) chargé(e) de projets

Euromontana recrute un VIE, Volontariat International en Entreprise.

Diplômé de l’enseignement supérieur (Master, 5 ans d’études) dans des domaines pertinents pour les fonctions que vous aurez à assumer (exemple : agriculture, sylviculture, développement rural, innovation, développement des montagnes), vous disposez d’une première expérience d’environ 1 à 3 ans et vous avez moins de 28 ans (condition obligatoire pour bénéficier des contrats « VIE »).

Vous trouverez ici toutes les informations nécessaires pour postuler.


15 mars 2016

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Want to learn more on cohesion in #MountainAreas?#Montana174's website is now live!
💡Find initiatives financed by the #CohesionPolicy to improve the daily life of citizens in the mountains & soon factsheets to learn how to benefit from the funds👇

73% of the young people surveyed by Euromontana in 🇷🇴 say that they are dissatisfied with access to #education 🎓 Our Vice-President Rey Radu Adrian stresses the need for mountain areas to stay attractive among younger generations 👇

In a new book, available next week, our Vice President @Tor_ discusses some of the challenges in the Norwegian mountains, such as the reindeer #farming industry, #energy & wind power, remote pastures, second home development and much more👇

#ClimateChange acts faster in the mountains 🌡️ To better adapt to a changing climate, the are of Spessart developed a new strategy to drive #tourism towards a 4 seasons model 🚵 Get inspired on #ClimateAdaptation in our latest good practice 👇

The latest European stats on #ageing show that rural and mountainous areas will be particularly affected in the 5 coming decades 📈 To cope with this challenge, we work with @Silver_SMEs for the development of the #SilverEconomy in the mountainous areas of @DPTeruel and @sodebur

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