Euromontana is the European multi-stakeholder network for
sustainable development and quality of life in the mountains.

Our mission

Mountain areas cover 36% of Europe's territory and are home to 13% of the European Union's population. Euromontana is the voice of these mountain communities across Europe. Our missions are to bring mountain stakeholders together and to advocate for policies that better address the challenges they face. We promote sustainable mountain development, a better quality of life for local communities and the protection of mountains’ unique and sensitive environment.

Our actions

Connecting mountain communities

Euromontana brings together mountain stakeholders from all over Europe and facilitates exchanges and cooperation between territories facing similar challenges. Through various activities and events, such as the European Mountain Conventions, we create synergies between the different mountain massifs and builds bridges between mountain stakeholders and sectors with the aim of developing a common vision for the future of Europe's mountains.

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Advocating for sustainable mountain development

Euromontana represents the interests of mountain communities at European level. We focus on sustainable development, the quality of life of local populations and the protection of our natural heritage. We work with a wide range of institutions and organisations to ensure that policies consider the specificities of our territories. Euromontana provides expertise on how European policies should address territorial development, environment, agriculture and research & innovation.

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Developing projects for the mountains

We develop out advocacy work on the basis of research-based recommendations and field-tested solutions from mountain stakeholders. We participate in EU-funded projects, including Horizon Europe, LIFE and Interreg Europe ones, in partnership with research centres, local and regional authorities, farming and forestry organisations among others. Our projects also facilitate cooperation and exchange of experience between mountain stakeholders across Europe.

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Our vision

We believe that mountains are unique. Europe's mountains play an essential role for agriculture and the production of high-quality products. They are home to a large number of endemic species and account for 43% of Natura 2000 sites. Yet, they also face a number of specific challenges. Natural constraints often result in remoteness and lack of connectivity, sparse population, services and businesses, constraints on the organisation of agricultural productivity and high exposure of the environment to climate change. Euromontana builds on these assets and challenges to develop a vision for attractive and resilient mountains that protect their natural resources.

Our approach

Euromontana looks at the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of mountain areas, as well as the strengths and constraints that our territories face. Our network is based on a multi-stakeholder approach, bringing together a wide range of actors, from elected representatives to researchers, farmers and local associations. This approach fosters cooperation, supports knowledge exchange and contributes to building a common vision for sustainable and vibrant mountain areas.