Upcoming Event

This online event, to be held on 8 May 2024, will reflect on the future of EU policy-making and its priorities, reflecting the voices of over 900 mountain stakeholders consulted by the MOVING project.

This 26th world conference, organised jointly by our member CE-MONT, the Institute for Economic and Social Research and the National Agency for Mountain Areas, aims to explore the challenges linked to tourism and rural areas through various themes ranging from rural development, agritourism and sustainable tourism to cross-border cooperation and economic growth.

MOVING Final Conference

The MOVING project is organising its Final Conference on 13 and 14 June in Brussels. The event marks the culmination of the 4-year project, and will bring together policy makers, research institutes, mountain organisations and other stakeholders to highlight the key role of mountain value chains in achieving Europe’s 2030 policy goals.

XIII European Mountain Convention – Mountain economies

The XIII European Mountain Convention will bring mountain stakeholders from all over Europe to shape the future of mountain economies in Europe