Being young in a mountain area: youth’s needs and aspirations in 2022

Cover mountain youth report 2022

In 2022, 10 years after its first survey, Euromontana publishes a new Europe-wide report on mountain youth.

The report brings the voice of 1134 young mountain people aged 18-29 from 18 EU and non-EU countries. Through this report, Euromontana will bring the voice of mountain youth to the European Year of Youth to ensure that their concerns are not left behind.

This report includes:

  • A Europe-wide analysis of young people’s perceptions of mountain areas and the main challenges they face, based on a survey carried out by Euromontana, with particular reference to employment, access to services and the environment.
  • Country profiles analysing the situation of young people in mountain areas in France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania and Spain.
  • Recommendations to better address the specific needs of young people in mountain areas. The recommendations cover employment and education, but also young people’s participation in decision-making, territorial attractiveness, public services and research on population movements.

Release date
24 January 2022

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