Innovation & circular economy in the mountain forest supply chain: how to close the loop?

Cover circular economy report 2017

The need for a more circular economy will increase as pressure on natural resources increases and their availability decreases. In this context, Euromontana publishes a study focusing on the circular economy in mountain forest value chains.

Maximising the value of extracted resources and managing them sustainably is particularly important for maintaining a high quality of life in mountain areas. This study aims to better understand the policy framework supporting the circular economy, to explore visions for a circular economy along the mountain forest value chain, to present tools, instruments and processes to improve the circular economy in the forest sector, and to provide examples of experiences and good practices.

This report includes:

  • A presentation of the opportunities at European level to develop the circular economy at regional and local level.
  • An analysis of the potential for a more circular economy within the forest value chain
  • A set of innovative good practices demonstrating the concrete application of circular economy principles in the forest value chain from a wide range of countries, such as Switzerland, Croatia, Italy or Norway.
  • Recommendations on how to better promote the development of a circular economy in mountain areas, especially in the forest value chain.

Release date
6 March 2017

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