Position papers

Review of the EU Agricultural Promotion Policy – A tool for the promotion of sustainable farming from mountain areas

Euromontana's recommendations on the review of the EU Agricultural Promotion Policy.

In the framework of the Farm to Fork Strategy, the review of the EU Agricultural Promotion Policy is being undertaken by the European Commission. The Promotion Policy provides funding to producers’ organisations to valorise the quality of their foods within and outside the European market.

Euromontana contributed to the European Commission’s public consultation on the topic to provide recommendations.

Find in this position paper:

  • Recommendations to improve the promotion of sustainable food, including meat and dairy products produced through extensive livestock farming practices such as pastoralism.
  • Recommendations to enhance the visibility of the Optional Quality Term “mountain products” in the Promotion Policy.
  • Recommendations to better target small producer organisations within the Promotion Policy.

Release date
23 June 2021

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