Croatian organisation SENSUM joins Euromontana!

Croatian organisation SENSUM joins Euromontana!

We are pleased to announce that SENSUM ltd. has recently joined Euromontana! Created in 2011, SENSUM is a consulting company with offices in Rijeka and Zagreb (Croatia). Led by Danijel Bertovic, a well-known figure of the Euromontana network, SENSUM provides businesses and SMEs with guidance on EU funds, advice on climate change projects and strategic consulting and coaching.

By joining Euromontana, they expect to exchange with other members on economic development, territorial cohesion and climate change and to collaborate through European-funded projects focused on climate resilience.

SENSUM’s missions in challenged mountains

SENSUM operates in the counties of Primorje and Gorski kotar, where mountainous areas face several challenges, including unfavourable demographic trends and an ageing population, a technology gap and low investment in research, lack of competitiveness of local entrepreneurs and weak rural-urban linkages. However, the nearby University of Rijeka, the surrounding nature and the protected cultural heritage are assets for the region.

In this context, SENSUM promotes business development and linkages between mountain and urban areas by supporting entrepreneurship, with a special focus on innovation and cooperation for SMEs. Over the years, SENSUM has also developed expertise in climate risk consultancy, for example through the development of Climatig, a climate forecast software. The company also works closely with the regional government to define and implement local policies and promote multi-level governance.


SENSUM joined Euromontana to further collaborate with other mountain stakeholders, especially through EU-funded projects with a focus on activities related to climate risks. They also have expertise in projects related to rural development, social economy, social inclusion and social innovation, community resilience and, more generally, research and innovation applied to disadvantaged areas.

In addition, they want Euromontana to speak for their mountain regions at European level on issues related to territorial cohesion, in particular rural-urban linkages, climate change and biodiversity.