Shepherds of sustainability: ecosystem services & pastoral practices

Shepherds of sustainability: ecosystem services & pastoral practices

18 & 19 September 2024
Lugo - Spain

ShepForBio is organising its second international event, “Shepherds of Sustainability: Ecosystem Services & Pastoral Practices Workshop” hosted in collaboration with Fundación Entretantos and Fundación Global Nature, partners of the EU-funded project “Naturaleza Pastoreada”. This workshop is part of the 7th edition of Territorios Pastoreados, the reference annual gathering focused on extensive livestock farming and grazing in Spain.

LIFE ShepForBio is dedicated to improving the conservation status of key grassland habitats recognized by the Habitats Directive. By promoting and supporting pastoral practices, the project aims to establish a network of Pastoral Schools inspired by successful models across Europe. These schools play a crucial role in advancing sustainable pasture and grassland management, enhancing biodiversity, and protecting vital habitats.


On 18 September: the workshop will take place in the afternoon of Wednesday 18 September and will be followed by the projection of the documentary “Mujeres de viento, tierra y ganado”, dedicated to the shepherdesses’ network “Ganaderas en red”.

On 19 September: because ShepForBio wishes to extend the discussions that will arise in the workshop to the following days of the activities of Territorios Pastoreados, interpretation Spanish-English will be available to facilitate your participation in the programme of Thursday 19 September, dedicated to the environmental and social sustainability of pastoral activities, as well as to international initiatives. Territorios Pastoreados is an unmissable opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in different formats: round tables, world cafés, visits to livestock farms and much more. This year’s theme centers on the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of pastoralism and extensive livestock farming.

Agenda & logistics

Venue:  the workshop and documentary on 18 September will take place at Deputacion Regional de Lugo and the plenary session on 19 at the University Campus.

Languages: interpretation in English and Spanish will be available during the workshop on September 18 and the plenary session on September 19.

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