Silver Tourism

Project info

Funding programme: Erasmus +
Duration: 1 November 2015 – 31 October 2017
Coordinator: Camara oficial de comercio e industria de Badajoz (Spain)
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Silver Tourism

Developing Innovative Touristic Products for Silver Economy

Silver Tourism aims to support the development of tourism activities adapted to older adults by improving the capacity of tourism operators in rural and mountain areas. To this end, Silver Tourism has identified the needs of older end-users and trained tourism operators, vocational schools, SMEs and stakeholders involved in the promotion of rural tourism.

The partnership consists of 6 partners from rural and mountain areas in Europe. Euromontana is responsible for the dissemination of the project results.


Silver Tourism has promoted the opportunities that rural and mountain areas offer for the development of senior tourism in an increasingly ageing society.

The project has helped to identify the key skills needed by tourism operators in this sector. Thanks to the educational and training approach of the project, Silver Tourism has contributed to the transfer of this knowledge to rural tourism stakeholders, helping them to design and adapt their offer to the needs of older adults.

Silver Tourism is therefore a good source of resources and examples for SMEs, tourism operators and local and regional authorities wishing to promote such new offers in their territories.

Key results

A professional profile of the silver tourism expert

to help tourism operators identify the key skills needed by Silver Tourism professionals

An expert course in silver tourism

to help tourism operators interested in developing services for older adults to conceptualise and market their service and identify the right stakeholders

A repertoire of design thinking tools

to further support tourism operators in identifying the needs of their end-users and designing a tailor-made offer

Key messages from the final conference

held in Brussels (October 2017), the event report from Silver Tourism closing event provides an overview of inspiring rural tourism offers for older adults and tips on how to finance your initiatives