An overview of sustainable practices for the management of mountain grasslands in Europe – policy report

Euromontana publishes a policy report on pastoralism in the framework of the Oreka Mendian LIFE project

Euromontana is publishing in the framework of the Oreka Mendian project a policy report on pastoralism in Europe. Opened by Herbert Dorfmann, Member of the European Parliament, the report examines the current state of mountain grasslands across Europe and provides a set of practices and recommendations that can ensure the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of this habitat.

Oreka Mendian is a LIFE project (2016-2022) aiming at developing a preservation strategy for mountain grasslands in the Basque Country (France & Spain). Euromontana is responsible for the actions related to the collection of good practices as well as with policy recommendations and dissemination at European level.

The report includes:

  • An overview of the state of mountain grasslands in Europe (conservation status, provision of ecosystem services etc.)
  • An analysis of policies supporting pastoralism in different European countries and at European Union level.
  • Policy recommendations to better support pastoralism and pastoralists, enhance the ecosystems services provided by grazing, valorise mountain products and raise awareness among the wider society of the specificities of pastoralism.

Release date
6 October 2021

Download (pdf)