What forest model do we want in Europe?

What forest model do we want in Europe?

14 March 2024
Donostia/San Sebastián - Spain

Forests, which cover 41% of the EU’s total mountains area according to the European Environment Agency, face several challenges, including the pressure exerted by man on these natural environments or raging fires. However, forestry systems provide various ecosystem services, ranging from wood supply to the minimisation of natural hazards by ensuring reliable water flows. Questioning the forestry management models in place across Europe is therefore particularly important from both an economic and an ecological point of view.

This conference, organised by our member HAZI – Basque government, in collaboration with USSE, will look into these issues in an event entitled “What Forest Model do we want in Europe? Climate resilience, forest, fires, circular bioeconomy”. Four presentations and three round tables will guide participants through the EU’s vision of forestry in the face of climate change, discussions the opportunities and challenges facing these areas in Europe, as well as through opportunities offered by research and innovation.

The floor will be given to various specialists on the subject from the European Commission, regional and national forestry authorities and researchers.

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