The role of pastoral schools in the management of natural habitats

The role of pastoral schools in the management of natural habitats

10 & 11 May 2023
Florac - France

ShepForBio is organising with Institut Agro Florac its first international conference on “The role of pastoral schools in the management of natural habitats”, on 10 and 11 May 2023 in Florac (France).

ShepForBio is a LIFE project with the primary aim of enhancing the conservation status of three grassland habitat types that have been recognized as being of Community importance under the Habitats Directive (Habitats 5130, 6210, 6230). The project endeavours to achieve this objective by supporting and promoting pastoral activities. One of the essential actions that the project envisages is the establishment of a Pastoral School, based on the models already operational in various other European countries.

The creation of Pastoral Schools can have a significant impact on promoting pasture and grassland management that aligns with the goals of protecting these habitats and their biodiversity.

Objectives of the event

The event “The role of pastoral schools in the management of natural habitats” will discuss the role that pastoral schools can play in disseminating best practices for the conservation of habitats and biodiversity. The target audience of the event includes pastoral schools and students, shepherds, natural park managers and all public and private stakeholders involved in pastoralism and habitat management.

On 10 May, the conference will feature comprehensive presentations on the interrelationship between pastoralism and biodiversity during a plenary session, as well as workshops entirely devoted to school activities and networking.

On 11 May, study visits will give participants the opportunity to discover educational tools, to meet shepherds and educators and to visit pastoral sites.

Agenda & logistics

Find out more in the event final agenda. Interpretation will be provided in English and French during the conference. No interpretation will be available during study visits.

The event will take place in Florac (France), in the Cevennes National Park. It is hosted by the Institut Agro Florac, which is a national support institution (ENA) for agricultural technical education. The event will take place in :

L’Institut Agro Florac
9 rue Célestin Freinet
48400 Florac-Trois-Rivières