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Which future for pastoralism in Europe? Cohabitation with large carnivores and attractivity of the pastoral jobs

Euromontana's common position on pastoralism and coexistence with large carnivores

Pastoralism is a traditional activity of extensive livestock farming, particularly practised in mountain areas. Pastoralism plays a key role in the socio-economic development of these regions and in the provision of ecosystem services. However, the continuation of pastoralism faces several threats: economic difficulties and problems of access to land, difficulties arising from conflicts over the use of pastureland, difficulties related to climate change and difficulties related to predation.

A discussion workshop held on 7 March 2018 in Moûtiers, France, addressed two challenges of pastoralism: coexistence with large carnivores and how to maintain the attractiveness of pastoral activities. The aim of the members-only workshop was to develop a common position on these issues. Although individual positions are not always convergent, this workshop allowed for a fruitful exchange and comprehensive dialogue between mountain representatives from a wide range of organisations – such as researchers, farmers, environmental organisations, regions and regional development agencies.

This position paper includes:

  • An overview of the challenges related to large carnivore predation, recommendations for promoting coexistence and lines of action for Euromontana.
  • A review of the current challenges for generational renewal in the pastoral sector and recommendations for enhancing the attractiveness of pastoralism and improving the working conditions of pastoralists.

Release date
7 March 2018

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