Being young in a mountain area in 2021

Being young in a mountain area in 2021

12 October 2021

Can young people fulfil their aspirations by staying in the mountains? Or by leaving to better come back, enriched by new skills and experience? What are the sectors that attract them? What are the obstacles that slow down those who want to settle in the mountains or those who want to stay in the mountains?

10 years after its first study, Euromontana, the European Association of Mountain areas and its members, in collaboration with UNITA project launches a survey to better understand youth aspirations and see the changes.

During this conference, Euromontana presented the results of this large survey that collected more than 1100 answers all over Europe. Expectations and wishes of young people were discussed as well as the answers provided by policy-makers to try to answer to these needs. Finally, the conference gave the floor to some young people to directly share with the audience some positive experience of innovations led by young people.

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