I European Mountain Convention – Employment

I European Mountain Convention – Employment

1, 2 & 3 October 1998
Ljubljana - Slovenia

The I European Mountain Convention was organised on 1, 2 & 3 October 1998 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and focused on “employment for sustainable development”.

Employment and the environment are two of the main concerns of the European Community today. In order to meet these new expectations, will mountain regions resist new policies in favour of production and competitiveness? Will the Agenda 2000 (agricultural policy, rural development, structural funds and European enlargement) help these regions to face these new preoccupations?

The first European Mountain Convention addressed the following questions: with regard to agricultural policy, is it possible to develop a multifunctional mountain agriculture? What recommendations could be made? With regard to structural and rural development policies, how can the proposals for reform make a sustainable contribution to the development of mountain life (human, natural, cultural, quality of land and products, know-how and traditions)? In the context of European enlargement, what are the prospects for sustainable development in the mountain regions of the Central and Eastern European countries? How will the applicant countries make use of the experience of the mountain regions of the European Union?

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