Move on Green

Project info

Funding programme: INTERREG IVC
Duration: 1 January 2012 – 31 December 2014
Coordinator: Province of Teruel (Spain)
More info: project brochure

Move on Green

Improving sustainable transport in rural areas

Move on Green aims to improve the design and effectiveness of regional policies for sustainable transport in rural and mountain areas.

To this end, Move on Green built on interregional cooperation and knowledge exchange on sustainable mobility. Based on the collected examples, each regional partner developed an action plan to support sustainable transport in their region.

The partnership consists of 13 partners from rural and mountain areas in Europe. Euromontana is responsible for the communication and dissemination activities of the project. Two Euromontana members are part of the consortium: Province of Teruel and SODEBUR – Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos.


Through interregional cooperation and exchange of good practices, Move on Green has contributed to improving knowledge on sustainable mobility solutions in rural and mountain areas within the partnership and beyond. The project has helped to identify transport models that can support mobility in rural areas, such as shared or on-demand transport. In addition, Move on Green has helped to identify useful transport modes for the tourism and leisure sector.

Thanks to tailor-made action plans, the project has contributed to improving access to mobility in the 12 regions involved in the project, thus improving the quality of life of rural and mountain communities and increasing the attractiveness of these areas.

Key results

A booklet of good practices on rural sustainable mobility

to inspire you, local and regional authorities, with examples of successful initiatives to develop rural mobility. The collection of good practices covers a range of mobility types or strategies, such as promoting rural car-sharing, cycling, clustering of services, energy-efficient mobility or on-demand transport
Available in English | German | Latvian

Policy guidelines for sustainable mobility in rural and mountain areas

to guide rural and mountain regions in the implementation of sustainable rural mobility policies
Available in English | German | Latvian | Spanish | Hungarian


Province of Teruel (coordinator)
SODEBUR – Society for the Development of the Province of Burgos
Thessaly Region
Epirus Region
Shetland Islands Council
Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency – KDRIU

Regional Management of Burgenland
BSC Business Support Centre Ltd. Kranj
West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Supplier Public Nonprofit Ltd.
Vidzeme Planning Region
Podkarpackie Region
Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture of Brandenburg